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📍 38-40 Storie Street, Clontarf & 33 Dalton Street, Kippa-Ring

Convenient Ground Level Self Storage in Clontarf and Kippa-Ring


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Why Choose Clontarf & Kippa-Ring Self Storage?

Clontarf & Kippa-Ring Self Storage offers you the perfect storage solutions you are looking for, combined with the benefits and trustworthiness of a 10-year settled, locally owned and managed business. You deal with a real person who has your best interests in mind and not with one of the many anonymous big box brands.

  • Our two Storage Locations in Clontarf and Kippa-Ring are convenient for suburban renters and homeowners, local businesses as well as short-term holidayers in the region of Redcliffe, Deception Bay, North Lakes, New Port, Margate, Scarborough, and Rothwell.
  • Clontarf & Kippa-Ring Self Storage offers you super clean and pest-controlled storage units to protect your belongings. We provide you small 1.3 x 2.4 m to up to 8m deep units for long-term or short-term leases covering your specific needs.
  • All of our Units are ground level and driveway accessible. There are no obstacles like lifts or stairs so you have easy access to your stored items.
  • Clontarf & Kippa-Ring Self Storage offers you not only professional, friendly, and organised management but also high-quality security locks, secure fencing, floodlights and 24/7 Top Notch Security, and last but not least, affordable prices.
  • 24/7 Customer Access through a lock box to pick up the keys if required.

Call Us To Discuss Your Storage Needs

Great Reasons to Rent a Storage Unit

We offer you the perfect Storage Solutions for your specific needs

Needing More Space At Home?

We offer you the space you miss at home, be it a small space as a long-term solution for your seasonal storage, spare furniture, gardening, or sport equipment, or as a short-term solution during your renovation or while you are moving. We can even store your vehicle.

Looking for a Storage Solution for your Household?

We have safe and secure storage solutions for your household while you are building your Dream Home. Our units are also perfect if you are downsizing and need a bit more time to sell your furniture which is no longer needed. Our Units can also be a great solution for deceased estates while beloved items are dispersed.

Going Overseas or traveling Interstate?

If you are heading offshore for a while, working overseas, or caravanning around Australia without having a local address – we have the perfect safe and secure storage solutions for your household while you are away – for a reasonable price.

Are you looking for Storage Solutions for your Business?

Our Storage Units offer you the ideal space for your spare office furnishing, equipment, and machinery, for stock or spare parts, for document storage or during office renovations.

People have plenty of reasons to rent a storage unit. We will find the ideal solution for you.

There are no limits on how you can use our storage units – apart from anything illegal or animals – but we advise against storing anything which spoils over time or plants which need light and care.

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Security – How Secure Is The Premise?

Clontarf & Kippa-Ring Self Storage takes the security and safety of your valuable belongings seriously. We want you to have peace of mind when you store your stuff with us.

  • 24/7 Top Notch Security with registered Patrols
  • Secure Fencing and Flood Lights
  • High Quality Security Locks
  • Super Clean and Pest Controlled Units
  • Weatherproof Storage Units

Yes, I am looking for a secure, safe, and flexible Storage Solution

What Storage Options are available?

How much does it cost to store my stuff?

Find your ideal Storage Solution!

Unit Size 1.3m x 2.4m

3.12 sq m

$100 / month (1 available)

Unit Size 2.1m x 3.0m

6.3 sq m 

$220 / month (2 available)

Unit Size 2.3m x 3.0m

6.9 sq m

$240 / month (0 available)

Unit Size 3m x 3.1m

9.3 sq m

$250 / month (1 available)

Unit Size 2.8m x 4.6m

12.88 sq m

$270 / month (3 available)

Unit Size 2.4m x 8m

19.2 sq m

$300 / month (1 available)

Unit Size 2.4m x 3.3m

7.2 sq m

$240 / month (1 available)

Fully refundable key deposit

$200 Per Unit

We offer safe and secure Storage Solutions at highly competitive rates. All our units are ground level and driveway accessible without any lifts or stairs. Easy for you to access.

Do You Need A Practical Storage Space?

About Us


Clontarf Self Storage was build in the ‘90s and Kippa-Ring a little later.

Brian, the owner, decided to invest his money in a business instead of sitting at home. He bought the premises in 2013 and started Clontarf & Kippa-Ring Self Storage.

In the beginning he worked with a Real Estate Agent who was unwilling to attend the site to assist the tenants, so Brian started looking for someone local to manage the units and provide this service.

Luckily, the coincidence wanted it that Amanda our friendly manager was looking for a storage solution in Redcliffe and Brian was the only one who responded. She was, at the time, pregnant and helping a friend who was a missionary in Vanuatu to receive, sort and pack donations for school supplies, books to start a library and children’s toys. 

She needed a storage unit for six months to collect enough donations to fill a shipping container to Vanuatu. Brian and Amanda met, and he asked her if she knew someone who lives locally and is interested in the job. Amanda decided the next day that she would be possibly able to do the job. The rest is history.

Brian and Amanda are the people behind Clontarf & Kippa-Ring Self Storage.

A local business which provides you with high quality, safe and secure Storage Solutions. Storage Solutions which meet your needs.

Call Our Manager Amanda To Discuss Your Storage Needs

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Clontarf and Kippa-Ring Self Storage

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ABN 38851362365
38-40 Storie Street, Clontarf & 33 Dalton Street, Kippa-Ring
ABN 38851362365
38-40 Storie Street, Clontarf & 33 Dalton Street, Kippa-Ring

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